Taro Pastry
Taro Pastry

They look like peony buds. They taste like childhood. Very delicate, barely sweet. The dough is laminated, but the proportions and the method are somewhat unusual and make the dough very light. But it is the taro stuffing that makes these pastries so desirable. If you are yet to discover the flavor of cooked Taro Areca — the one with pink fibers and the flavor of pastry cream — stick around while taro is being steamed! I bet you’ll be amused with its aroma.

Taro Pastry

Prep Time35 mins
Cook Time25 mins
resting time1 hr 30 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: dessert, pastry, taro
Servings: 12 pastries (1.5" D)
Calories: 164kcal


for pink petals (dough)

  • 200 g wheat flour all-purpose, King Arthur
  • 15 g confectioners powdered sugar
  • 10 g pink pitaya powder
  • 70 g butter sweet
  • 90 g water cold

for purple petals (paste)

  • 80 g wheat flour all-purpose, King Arthur
  • 20 g purple potato powder
  • 100 g butter

for taro stuffing

  • 500 g taro Lipu Taro (aka Areca Taro)
  • 80 g sugar white, fine
  • 30 g butter
  • 20 g heavy whipping cream


for purple petals paste

  • Combine flour and purple potato powder and sift them.
    Taro Pastry | Making purple paste
  • Add softened at room temperature butter and make a paste using a spatula or K-shaped attachment and stand mixer, low speed.
    Taro Pastry | Making purple paste
  • Place the paste between two layers of plastic wrap and roll the paste into a rectangular as shown in the picture (about tabloid-size 13" x 19").
    Taro Pastry | Making purple paste

for pink petals dough

  • Combine flour, pink pitaya powder, sugar powder and sift them.
    Taro Pastry | Making pink dough
  • Add cold cubed butter and crumble together dry ingredients and butter. Add water and knead a soft dough for about 5 minutes using hands or K-shaped attachment and stand mixer, low speed. Wrap with plastic and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
    Taro Pastry | Making pink dough

for laminated dough

  • Remove the pink dough from the fridge and roll it between two layers of plastic wrap the same size as the rolled paste. Peel the top layer of plastic wrap from both purple paste and pink dough. Place purple paste on top of the pink dough, plastic wrap side to the top.
    Taro Pastry | Laminating dough
  • Peel the wrap from the top and roll, helping with the wrap on the bottom. Keep the roll wrapped and refrigerate for 1 hour.
    Taro Pastry | Laminating dough
  • In an hour, the roll will harden. (I sliced it for the picture to show the layers and how easy it is sliced without deformations.)
    Taro Pastry | Laminating dough
  • Flatten the cylinder and roll it across the long axis. Другими словами, расатать в прмяугольник нужно так, чтобы блина изначального цилиндра осталась такой же, а тесто растянулось поперек. Make it 0.25 inch thin. Roll it again into a cilinder, wrap with plastic, and refrigerate for another 30 minutes.
    Taro Pastry | Laminating dough

for taro stuffing

  • Peel taro and slice it 0.25 thick.
    Raw Taro Areca
  • Steam it until soft for about 20 minutes.
    Steamed Taro
  • Sieve cooked taro to make a smooth paste.
    Sieve steamed taro
  • Combine with sugar, dry milk, and butter. Make 1 oz (30 g) balls and refrigerate in a closed container.
    Steamed taro puree

to assemble pastries

  • Preheat oven 335F, convection mode. Line baking sheet with a silicone mat.
  • Remove the dough from the fridge, unwrap, and slice the roll 0.5 inch thick. Remove taro stuffing from the fridge.
    Taro Pastry | Laminating dough
  • To shape pastries, flatten every portion of dough 0.1 inches thin and wrap it around the taro stuffing. Pinch the dough to secure the seam. Arrange shaped pastries on the baking sheet.
    Shaped Taro Pastries
  • Bake for about 25 minutes. Let cool at room temp. The pastries are the best to consume on the same day, at room temperature.
    Taro Pastry


Calories: 164kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 12g | Saturated Fat: 8g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 32mg | Sodium: 112mg | Potassium: 250mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 407IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 22mg | Iron: 1mg
Taro Pastry