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My Hawaii: Poke

Today (I mean 21 century, covid19 will pass), when people travel more, and so many places become more accessible and affordable, exotic foods become well known and loved all over the world. That is also true for Poke. It doesn’t really need any introduction these days. So, I’ll skip it. I’ll only say that below are versions that are considered sort of classic. They can be transformed creatively into many poke dishes and appetizers by substituting ingredients and adding more elements. 

Poke can be easily made for dinner or lunch for two or can be served buffet-style for summer parties along with tropical cocktails or beer/sake, fruit salads, etc. Poke is a filling yet light food for hot weather — doesn’t require heat to make and served cold.

June 21, 2016
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American Pie: Gulf of M Pizza

Technically, it’s not pizza. It’s an open pie, an American pie with Gulf of Mexico seafood and white sauce. I don’t remember when I enjoyed pizza-like pie so much for the last time! The idea to use Gulf oysters belongs to the Engineer. I added scallops remembering how wonderful they are in seafood version of empanada gallega. It turned out great. We named it The Gulf of M: oyster liquor velute + scallops + gulf oysters + queso asadero + oaxaca string cheese + seaweed. I didn’t pre-cook oysters and scallops when made it for the first time, and it was soft of messy because of extra juices. But sooo gooood!

June 10, 2016
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