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Open Pie with Smoked Plumcots

Ukrainian sweet dough + brie Délice de Bourgogne + smoked plumcots + bacon + thyme. This combination became my best discovery this summer! Every slice oozes melted brie mixed with sweet and sour smokiness of juicy plumcots. Flavors are rich. Textures are decadently soft and silky. Delightful!

August 3, 2015
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Plumcot Pies

Plumcots (aka Pluots) are in season. Like any other tart sweet fruit, they are wonderful in desserts, savory dishes, salads, sauces, etc. Every variety is different in color, firmness, tartness. Some of them look like jewels when sliced. They have small pit surrounded by juicy flesh. Once the pit is removed, it easy to slice plumcot halves to segments or thin slices. For this pie they should be sliced very thin so they are soft and pleasant to bite when cooked.

July 12, 2015
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