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Сыры в США для Кавказской кухни

Disclaimer Ничто не сравнится с настоящими кавказскими сырами, ни коровьими, ни овечьими. Потому что луга Кавказских гор покрыты совсем другими травами, нежели чем те, на которых пасутся овцы и коровы в других регионах мира. Тем не менее, мы можем подобраться относительно близко к вкусовым и технологическим характеристикам сыров для воспроизведения блюд кавказской кухни вдали от...
September 1, 2021
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Georgian Style Stuffed and Roasted Trout

Those who are familiar with Georgian and Azerbaijani cuisines can easily identify the origins of this recipe. In Georgia, kefalia, a small trout from the mountains of Adjara is stuffed with walnut paste seasoned and adorned with aromatics and herbs and roasted in a clay pot ketsi. A similar way of stuffing and roasting fish (and also poultry and eggplants) is known as Lavangi — a popular festive dish of Azerbaijani cuisine.

November 25, 2019
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Mzhave | Georgian Cabbage Pickled with Beets

Mzhave Combosto is widely popular in former Soviet countries appetizer made with cabbage and beetroot. Since it belongs to the Georgian cuisine, it is also known as Georgian or Guria-style cabbage. Word MZHAVE literally means salted, fermented, or pickled. There are variations in different regions of Georgia (e.g., in Guria, Imereti, and Kakheti). Some cooks prefer natural fermentation when other add vinegar to pickle vegetables. Some recipes make the cabbage more hot and pungent, while other are not heavy with spices and herbs. Every household adjusts the recipe to the taste. The common ingredients are juicy white cabbage, beetroot, garlic, and chile pepper. Celery is also often in the list.
In Ukraine, we have a similar recipe — Pelyustka. The name comes from the word “petal” probably because pickled with beets cabbage leaves look like pink flower petals.

November 1, 2018
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