Edamame Dip

Edamame has a slightly sweet, mild, fresh herbal flavor and nutty texture, with only traces of beany taste. Three years ago edamame “hummus” has been served in every restaurant I visited on Big Island. Healthy and refreshing snack, it was a hit for a reason. Why hummus? Hawaiian chefs created their signature variations playing with additional ingredients and ways to serve it, but based them on the same culinary idea — cooked beans are ground into a thick paste and mixed with vegetable oil, lime juice, and seasoning. Sounds like “hummus,” but with different beans, doesn’t it?

April 5, 2016
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Acaraje, Brazilian Gluten-Free Fluffy Dougnuts

I was convinced acaraje deserve all the efforts and time to make them, when found sources naming them Brazilian falafel. Everybody loves falafel! They are a true find for people who follow gluten-free diet, but crave for spongy wheat bread texture. Acaraje’s texture is exactly as it looks on the picture — light and fluffy, doughnut-like.

February 27, 2016
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My Borsch

Rich, thick and dense, bright red, piping hot, always served with a dollop of a sour cream on top. My father and brother would say: “There is a borsch and there is red soup with beetroots and tomatoes. These are two very different things.”

January 26, 2015
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Magic Beans

For a long time, I was not a big fan of beans. I didn’t like either cooking or eating them until I tried marinated with pesto giant Lima beans once. They were relatively expensive, so I decided to learn to make them at home. Eventually, I discovered a no-hustle way of cooking legumes in my Crock-Pot. Later, I’ve got an Instant Pot, and the process became even easier and faster. I keep strained beans in a covered container refrigerated for up to 4 days and use them for soups, salads, stir-fries, snacks, etc. Isn’t it convenient for a busy home cook? Dry Lima beans absorb a lot of water when cooking, so a cup of dry beans (~8 oz) becomes 3 cups of cooked beans. Follow the link for instructions on how to cook giant Lima beans using slow or pressure cookers without presoak.

January 5, 2015
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