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Small Plates and Grazing

Eating Experience

Small plates eating experience became popular in the U.S. in the last two decades. A variety of small dishes can be appetizers ordered à la carte and shared, or they can be small portions of multiple courses served formally. The menu for a small plate experience includes 5 to 7 items.

Grazing tables and boards are collections of appetizers, cheeses, different types of bread, cold meats, snacks, desserts, fruits, and vegetables, etc., arranged with themed props. They can be presented as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Small plates and grazing eating experience is a smart choice for large parties. I provide personal chef services for parties 20 to 60 guests. Drinks not included.

Individual Schedule

If you are planning a party for a specific date and time, please check my availability a few weeks in advance. We will discuss and finalize the menu within your budget, your guests eating preferences, diet restrictions, amounts, and portions. Your booking is complete after you confirm the quote with all the details.

Please expect an email three days before the event asking for re-confirmation or change of plans. You have 24 hours to reply. You can cancel or postpone your reservation once free of charge. After you respond with confirmation for a specified number of guests, a revision fee applies if the number of guests is reduced — 50% per canceled person.

I arrive in your kitchen for 3 hours in advance, depending on the menu items, to arrange foods for service.

Flexible Prices

The price includes menu consultation ($45 an hour), making 5-7 menu items including dessert ($2-$5 per 2-3 oz portion on average, includes the cost of ingredients), arranging foods for service and serving ($35 an hour, fruit and vegetable arrangements do not include the cost of ingredients). The final total depends on the cost of ingredients and how elaborate are food arrangements. On average, the total final price per person ranges from $20 to $35.

I collect payment in full at the end of the event, check (preferred, pay to Lyukum Cooking Lab) or cash. Gratitudes are appreciated.

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