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Apples to Apples

Every region where apples grow contributed their own unique apple pie, tart, or cake recipe to the world collection. And than there are multiple variations for every basic recipe.

Every year, during the season I bake Swedish Apple Cake to experience its sensational taste again — creamy soft apples are caressed by creamy soft crumb. Every bite is delicate and gentle like October sun right before sunset.

Apple Strudel recipe in my collections is the original Viennese, smart nd logical, with detailed instructions.

My Mom’s Apple Rogaliki are one of my favorite family recipes with a clever way to prepare apples for pies.

Tarte aux Pommes is a recipe that was added to my collection after the trip to Paris. It’s a double apple tart. Between the layer of thin caramelized apple slices and buttery pastry crust, there is a creamy vanilla-flavored apple puree. Two layers of apples with different textures make this dessert a celebration of apple season.

Apple are also amazing in savory dishes and condiments. Try adding them under the rack of ribs when slowly cooking Cowboy Bigos. Apples are enjoyed in many salads. If you like radish, try the Sunshine and Frost Salad that features Black Spanish radish and tart apples. Add Smoked Apple Chutney to your favorite traditional Thanksgiving sauces. It is based on the classic Anglo-Indian version with apples and raisins. Serve smoked apple chutney with mild cheddar, ham, roasted pork, poultry, on top of baked brie, etc.