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London. Borough Market

SeptembeR Is Good for Oysters

“There were always oysters and there were those to praise them.”

Whether you follow the old oyster R-month rule or not, September is good to enjoy the oysters. After a few months of being excited about other seasonal foods, I cooked again one of my favorite oyster dishes that pairs so well with a proper sparkling wine — Oyster Loaf aka La Mediatrice, the peacemaker. It’s good!

This is called the “famous peacemaker” in New Orleans. Every husband, who is detained down town, laughingly carries home an oyster load, or Mediatrice, to make “peace” with his anxiously waiting wife. Right justly is the Oyster Loaf called the “Peacemaker”, for, well made, it is enough to bring the smiles to the face of the most disheartened wife.

— The Picayne’s Creole Cook Book (New Orleans, 1901)