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Desserts Wedding Reception

Choose a desserts-only menu for your party or order European delicacies for your special occasion. For groups of 8 to 60 guests. Prices vary.

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Grazing Table

Small plates and grazing is a smart choice for large parties 20 to 60 guests. An average price per person ranges from $20 to $35 for 5-7 menu items including dessert.

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Black Caviar and Buckwheat Dinner with Brut

The menu for a sit-down experience includes 2-3 appetizers, a main dish, and a dessert. The price per person is $65 plus the cost of ingredients.

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Personal Chef Services FAQ

  1. Request personal chef services (by filling out a form) to check my availability if you have date and time preferences.
  2. Once I confirm my availability, we discuss, finalize, and document details. After you confirm the quote, I mark my calendar as booked.
  3. Please expect an email three days before the event asking for re-confirmation or change of plans. You have 24 hours to reply. You can cancel or postpone your reservation once and free of charge. After you respond with confirmation for a specified number of guests, a revision fee applies if the number of guests is reduced — 50% per canceled person.
  4. I collect payment in full at the end of the event, check (preferred, pay to Lyukum Cooking Lab) or cash. Gratitudes are appreciated.

I do not consider jobs cooking exclusively for one family. I only provide personal chef services for multiple clients, for specific events.

Yes. You can choose a menu based on your group eating preferences and have a few options for guests with dietary requirements or restrictions.

I cook in your kitchen using your stove and oven and my special cooking equipment and tools.

Please make sure you have space to keep my carrying bags, coolers, etc., out of the way. Please make sure there is enough space in your fridge and/or freezer to keep the ingredients for a few hours of cooking and service. Please make trash cans empty and easily accessible.

Not as a rule, but there are exceptional cases when I do — upon request and for an additional fee. You have options to request classic white, traditional Mexican, and traditional or modern Japanese tableware.

I partner with local farms and businesses that specialize in sustainable, organic, and heirloom ingredients. Livin’ Organics for vegetables, TerraPurezza for meat and poultry, and Barton Creek Mill for grains, seeds, and flours are among them.

I provide basic guidelines for picking alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that go well with the food on the menu you choose. I can also recommend a sommelier for professional services.

Yes. You can request a demonstration of how one of your menu items is prepared.

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