Slavic | Ukrainian Menu
2 appetizers + main dish + dessert | $65 per person + cost of ingredients
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Ukrainian-Style Salo, Pork Belly

Rye Bread and Salo

artisanal rye bread + garlic and salo spread + sliced salo + pickles

served on a board


Poltava Style Red Borsch

beef shank stock + borsch essence (beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, herbs, spices) + potatoes + white cabbage + sour cream

served as an appetizer in a cup

Ox Tail Green Borsch

Green Borsch

vegetarian, lean beef, or chicken stock + potatoes + sorrel + scallions + boiled eggs

served as an appetizer in a cup


Stuffed Bell Pepper

Stuffed Sweet Pepper

pork shoulder + onions + carrots + rice + tomato sauce + herbs + spices

served plated

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Holubtsy | Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

pickled cabbage leaves + pork shoulder  + onions + carrots + rice + tomato sauce + herbs + spices

served plated

Crêpe aux Pommes de Terre et Champignons

Stuffed Crepes with Sour Cream Sauce

crepes + mashed potato + caramelized onions + sauteed mushrooms

crepes + chicken + caramelized onions

crepes + mashed potato + roasted buckwheat + sauteed mushrooms

served plated


Tvorog Pancakes | Syrniki

Tvorog Pancakes | Syrniki

fresh cheese pancakes + honey + baked milk cream + fresh berries OR candied fruit

served plated

Lviv Syrnyk

Lviv Syrnyk | Chocolate Glazed Cheesecake

fresh cheese + lemon zest + vanilla bean + eggs + choclate glaze

served plated

French Crepes: Dessert, Pear

Crepes with Caramelized Apples and Whipped Cream

crepes + caramelized apples + raisins + whipped cream

served plated