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$65 per person + cost of ingredients
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The Party

Here in Texas, we love outdoor kitchens and grill/bbq parties for many reasons. For those of us who cook and entertain with food, the best reason is being with guests while cooking. Japanese home grill parties go even further — the guests cook and eat their food sitting around a table-top grill or using their personal grills. Smokeless and very hot coals make it a pleasure. Choose your own pace, food, seasoning and cook it to your taste while talking and laughing with your family and friends!

The Grill

Yakiniku (焼き肉 or 焼肉) refers to a Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables on griddles over the heat of wood charcoals. Another Japanese cooking term Yakitori (焼き鳥) means “grilled Chicken,” but yakitori restaurants grill all sorts of skewered meats and vegetables. Small table-top grill made of clay is called shichirin. Shichirin can be used for cooking on steady high-temp infra-red rays for about 4-5 hours with just a small amount of artisanal charcoal, binchōtan. My grill is Konro, and you can see it at work.

The Charcoal

Binchō-tan is the most suitable for fuel for shichirin. It burns at a lower temperature than ordinary charcoal, for a longer period. It does not release any odors, making it preferred by cooks who don’t want to preserve a natural flavor of food. Learn how to handle binchō-tan at home — timing and techniques to start them burning; the amount to use; and how to extinguish the charcoal to use unburned pieces again, until they are reduced to ash completely.

The Seasoning

The food for Japanese grill is flavored with special basting sauce, miso-and-sake-based marinades, or just salt. Brushing tare on at the end of cooking is what makes some grilled meats and vegetables lip-smacking!

The Basics

We will use locally available Japanese and Texan ingredients and condiments. See the demo, prep some ingredients, cook, eat, and enjoy the party! Menu items are subject to availability.


Negima: Chicken Thighs and Leeks

NEGIMA | Thighs + Scallions

Chicken Gizzards

SUNAGIMO | Gizzards

Chicken Hearts

HARSU | Hearts

Chicken Tenderloin

SASAMI | Tenderloins

Chicken Wings



Beef Tongue

GYUTAN | Beef Tongue

Calf Liver

GYU REBA | Calf Liver

Wagyu Beef

WAGYU | Marbled Beef




Grilled Japanese Eggplants


grilled mushrooms