Maslenitsa | Crepe Week, Day 2 | Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

Run Amok

Also, run riot or wild. Behave in a frenzied, out-of-control, or unrestrained manner. Amok comes from a Malay word for “frenzied” and was adopted into English, and at first, spelled amuck, in the second half of the 1600s. Run riot dates from the early 1500s and derives from an earlier sense, that is, a hound’s following an animal scent. Run wild alludes to an animal reverting to its natural, uncultivated state; its figurative use dates from the late

Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup
Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

Runamok Maple Syrup vs Maple Syrup

A few months ago, my friend traveled to Vermont and brought me a basket of edible and drinkable gifts. “You must visit Vermont!” — she said. — “It’s a culinary wonderland!” Since Vermont is a top maple syrup producer in the U.S., and maple syrup is the gift to bring to your best friends, Katya collected samples of products from the Runamok Maple farm she visited there. (I tasted them all, took pictures, made notes, and decided to wait for the best moment to write about it. Damn! I can’t find the pictures!) The most amusing two samples were with smokey notes (my friends know me well!).

Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup
Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

I know many people swear they can’t imagine their life without maple syrup, and “Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve” doesn’t sound like a joke for them. Not an expert, but I read a lot about maple syrup a few years ago out of curiosity — history, production, grading system, tasting notes, etc. To complete my knowledge and understand what’s all the fuss about, I also tasted many inexpensive and expensive maple syrups, from Fancy to Grade B. Runamok Maple Syrup — all the samples! — was the first one that impressed me. It stood out so much, I made an effort to read about the maker and to buy more when the samples were finished.

Tasted samples:

  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged
  • Rum Barrel-Aged
  • Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged
  • Elderberry Infused
  • Pecan Wood Smoked
Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup
Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

“Runamok Maple is located in northern Vermont, along the western slopes of Mount Mansfield. Spanning 1,100 acres in Cambridge and 250 acres in Fairfield, our crew taps 81,000 trees to bring you one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite pleasures: pure maple syrup.

Throughout the sugaring season, the flavor of the syrup varies due to temperature, moisture and acts of nature that remain a mystery even to the experts. As it changes, we constantly taste it until we hit the absolute peak of flavor. Since this is the syrup we bottle for ourselves, we call it The Sugarmaker’s Cut.”ABOUT US Runamok Maple

Let’s Cook Together! Day 2

Yesterday, while shopping at Central Market, I decided to check out the aisle with maple syrup, which normally is outside my interests. Guess what! I found Runamok maple syrup in stock, and it is a perfect time to recommend it for ATX foodies. Dear Central Market, we love you so much! (I am not affiliated with either Central Market or Runamok Maple.)

Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup
Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup
Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

Crepes with Runamok Maple Syrup

Prep Time2 mins
Total Time2 mins
Course: Appetizer, Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: American, Eastern European, European
Keyword: crepe, roll
Servings: 4 portions


  • 4 each crepes see Recipe Notes for the recipe
  • 4 tbsp creme fraiche see Recipe Notes for the recipe
  • 4 tbsp Runamok maple syrup for dipping


  • Spread 1 tbsp of Crème Fraîche on each crepe, roll, and serve with a small dish of your favorite Runamok maple syrup to dip.


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Homemade Cultured Crème Fraîche
When shopping for Crème Fraîche, read labels. Look for cultured one. Crème Fraîche is more expensive than sour cream, but you can easily make it at home much cheaper:
  • 1 cup of plain kefir
  • 4 cups heavy whipping cream
Mix well, transfer into the clean glass jar(s), and ferment for 24 hours at room temperature. Close the jar(s) with lid(s) and refrigerate.
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