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small group cooking classes

Quality time with friends, family, or team members —
4 hours | $65-$85 pp

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cooking classes for two

One of the best ways to connect and bond while learning new things —
3-4 hours | $75-$100 pp

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one-on-one cooking classes

The most efficient results for those looking to improve their cooking skills noticeably —
4 hours | $150-$200

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Cooking Classes FAQ

I help my clients start from the beginning, advance their skills in the home kitchen, and master any unique cooking methods I know.

Begin with your favorite food. Make your first cooking class practical and encouraging. The more you practice in the kitchen, the easier it becomes.

If your questions in the kitchen often start with “why” and you prefer a systematic approach, begin with basic skills and knowledge. It will help you to create a matrix for a better understanding of why specific ingredients, cooking methods, temperatures, and timing work this way or another.

Yes. The hours can be customized for your convenience or the convenience of your group.

I encourage you to take pictures and make videos during the demo part of the cooking class. They will be helpful for you as a reference in the future when you start practicing in your kitchen.

You are welcome to take any event pictures for your good memory — you in action, tools and ingredients in use, final food presentation, etc.

  1. Request a cooking class to check my availability if you have date and time preferences.
  2. Once I confirm my availability, we discuss, finalize, and document details. I mark my calendar as booked.
  3. Please expect an email three days before the event asking for re-confirmation or change of plans. You have 24 hours to reply. You can cancel or postpone your reservation once and free of charge. After you respond with confirmation for a specified number of guests, a revision fee applies if the number of guests is reduced — 50% per canceled person.
  4. I collect payment in full at the end of the event, check (preferred, pay to Lyukum Cooking Lab) or cash. Gratitudes are appreciated.

You can cancel or postpone your reservation free of charge once up until your confirmation 2 (two) days before the event. After your confirmation, I start shopping for the ingredients for a specified number of guests. Any cancellations after that moment are 50% of the negotiated price per person (or per group if the whole group cancels).

If you can’t make it to class, you are welcome to give your ticket to a friend or family member. I trust your commitment to participate. While I understand life happens, please be respectful of my time and the time of the other participants.

Most of the classes are intended for specific diets (e.g., vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb lean proteins, etc.), or I can accommodate your needs. Please let me know, and together we’ll find the best solution.

Yes. You can purchase a $200 gift certificate for a one-on-one class or a class for two.

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