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House-Pastry Lab by Maria Selyanina
House-Pastry Lab by Maria Selyanina

Certificado Premier de Pasteleria Creativa

Maria Selyanina, Executive Chef & House-Pastry Lab founder, received her academic and practical training at the top pastry arts schools in France, Italy, and Spain. For years, she practiced and advanced her professional skills with the best European chefs.
In 2013, Maria founded her school featuring international training programmes in Russian and Spanish with hands-on classes for small groups. Two years later, in 2015 she opened a professional online pastry arts school Pastrycampus.ru. Her Le Sucré Coeur BCN — an art-cafe and pâtisserie — opened in 2016.

I was Maria’s pilot program student in 2013. The intensive course was designed for the amateur but passionate home cooks interested in pastry arts. We learned the basics in a professional environment of the real pastry shop — the best recipes, tools, techniques, and logistics.