Duration: 4 hours
Format: for small groups of 4-8
Pricing: $55 per person (cost of ingredients not included)

Price includes expert instruction, demo, a salad, and condiments to pair with cooked steaks. For an additional fee, you can add 1 hour to your class to visit Lakeway HEB or Central Market meat department to learn about beef production basics and choose your steaks. Class continues at the Lyukum Cooking Lab kitchen with a demo and practice preparing steaks on the skillet and/or grill. At the end of the class, cooked steaks are served to taste side-by-side to compare textures and doneness.
Covered Topics
  • Converting Muscle Into Meat
  • USDA Meat-Grading System
  • Dry Aging vs. Wet Aging
  • Collagen in Fine-Grained (Tender) and Coarse-Grained (Tough) Meat
  • Steak Cooking Zones and Inner Temperatures
  • Doneness
  • What Happens When Meat is Seared and When It Rests
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