4 hours — $65-$200 per person (cost of ingredients included)

Dumplings are part of almost every cuisine in the world. Different versions of dough, delicious fillings, all shapes, sizes, and flavors, yet all beloved by everyone as great communal food to make together and to eat together. They can be an ultimate breakfast or an appetizer, a main dish, a small plate, or a dessert enjoyed any time of the day. There is a great dumplings recipe for every diet. Some dumplings are very simple and easy to make, others are extremely intricate and beautiful, a piece of art. Come to explore the world of dumplings!

This is a hands-on class to master 2-3 dumplings recipes of your choice. You have an option to choose the recipes with EITHER wheat-based OR gluten-free wrappers. Participants can choose 2-3 stuffings, which can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, sweet or savory. Price includes expert instruction, demo, practice, and tasting at the end of class.

Covered Topics

  • About the world of stuffed dumplings
  • About grades of wheat flour and other starches used for making dumplings
  • About different cooking methods for dumplings
  • How to make a soft and elastic dumpling wrapper
  • How to prep fillings for dumplings
  • How to stuff and pleat dumplings
  • The best practices for making, storing, cooking, and serving dumplings
  • Creative ideas for serving dumplings
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