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Welcome to my cooking lab!

Hi, I’m Katya Lyukum. Culinary coach and personal chef with extensive knowledge of cuisines from cultures from around the world, I invite you to share my discoveries.

Katya Lyukum in Lyukum Cooking Lab Kitchen

For me, cooking started in my mother’s small apartment kitchen in Ukraine. We made simple meals with limited ingredients. My parents grew their own fruit, vegetables, and herbs to ensure their availability and quality for our family. Loving, caring and knowing what went into our food at home was a tradition. This was a small world with little to no access to the cuisines of other countries.

It changed when I came to the US. I am lucky to live in a place where the possibilities regarding what cultures we can learn from are limitless. My culinary horizons broaden even more with every travel when I get to taste real regional dishes around the U.S., in Europe, or in Asia. With every trip, I bring home more unique recipes, skills, knowledge to share with my clients.

My curiosity for food keeps me going, drives me to learn and master new skills, makes all my senses engaged. My hope is to inspire my clients to see food from that perspective.